All About Digital Signage


Today is world of digitalality. Gone are the days where the addresses and ways were indicated through boards or through bricks. With changing scenario and era, the world has become digital and so is the usage of technology. One such technology used today is digital signage. They are digital mechanisms used to find paths and ways for people moving from one direction to another. They are basically public installations which provide useful information to public.

Digital signage is installed in necessary public areas like hospitals, railway stations, restaurants in foreign countries to have an access to all the necessary information about particular segment. They are widely used in airports to display necessary departure and arrival information, so that passengers are at ease to consume time efficiently. Moreover digital signage is greatly used as big business houses for marketing and serves as a great medium of outdoor advertising.

This digital signage uses LCD and LED to display content to masses. Digital signage uses a proper content based management and distribution system which can be run either personally or nationally. Digital signage is user friendly devices which enable users to capture images, find directions, and enter responses. They are frequently and easily updated and hence is gaining importance eventually compared to static signage.

The digital contents that are present on the signage are as follows:-

Text- under the text segment information is available in text format, giving a brief view of required and associated information. This text can be scrolled for and are updated frequently. These are inbuilt text entered by respective sources.

Two way communication- it offers a two way communication with users and is user friendly. It allows users to enter their responses and also help advertisers to make necessary changes depending on user’s choice. They are a profitable investment and cater to needs of users and thereby necessary action is performed. It has a touch screen facility which is user friendly and can gain insight into consumer behaviour.

Videos and images- digital signage allows users to scroll images and identify necessary requirement of the users. The images are digital posters indicating the uniqueness of the product. Apart from this digital signage also provides video facility. They are in the same format as that of TV advertisement. They add value to the information required by the user and hence is useful.

Content creation- one of the important factors in digital signage is its content. It is necessary to update content every now and then so that correct messages can be displayed. They can be updated from in house data source or manually. Traditionally, experts were hired to build content for purpose of advertisements and then measures to take feedback. This involved allot of investment and the return on investment was minimal. Hence, now the advertisers use content management system inbuilt in digital content that allow advertisers to project the product through images, video and content.

Thus digital signage displays videos and images with the goal to target specific consumer and business houses at specific time and location. This is termed as digital out of home and is becoming popular at blink of eye. Digital signage today acts as a boom in tech savvy world.

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